Can We Stay in Brooklyn

Can We Stay in Brooklyn

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Oh, New York, no words can describe how obsessed we are over you! It doesn’t matter, if you are colder than Canada during the winter, or warmer than Bali during the summer, we just want to get that buzz that no other city can offer. This time we want to introduce you another face of New York City: it’s time to leave Manhattan, and try a much chilled place, like Brooklyn!

Brooklyn is one of the most exciting thing about New York: upcoming artists, streetartists, creatives are all around. This is the place, where edgy, creative, amazing things happen.

No matter how many times you’ve been in New York, arriving is always exciting: seeing the shape of skyscrapers from the distance, then sitting in a cab, that is taking through the metropolis, and wondering how amazing is this place is something we can never get bored at. But the truth is that Brooklyn is the new Manhattan, so just keep exploring that area too!

In Brooklyn everything is more chilled and relaxed, and it’s super close to busy Manhattan, so if you need a dose of energy, you can always get on the train. If you need to pick a place to stay in Brooklyn, it’s time to consider the relatively new, gigantic hotel, called The William Vale with the best floor-to-ceiling window view you can ever wish for yourself, so you better not wasting your time by looking for other options, because there won’t be (here you can book your view). Waking up for a view like this is literally eeverything we all want.

After your breakfast, it’s time to explore what the hotel offers: always check the upcoming events, or just simply go to to the 22nd floor for a breathtaking view. It will leave you speechless for sure! To be honest, nothing beats the Vale Garden Residence that is a large suite with everything you need.

If you are planning to shoot some cool pictures, go and explore Williamsburg, then enjoy Manhattan the fullest! Go shopping, meet with exciting people, have a coffee at Ralph Lauren’s coffee house, or just spend time with your friends in Central Park. For sure, you will have a great time here.

Then go back to Brooklyn and enjoy the sunset from the 22nd floor. Don’t forget to grab a drink, and enjoy your company.