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To develop a strategy that influences your guests’ decisions you need to understand the key micro-moments in their journey.

What are Micro-Moments?

Micro-moments, as defined by Google and now used across industries are specific points in a users’ experience when you can connect with them in meaningful ways. Let’s dive into these concepts and see how can they apply to your customers and your hotel.

  • Dreaming moment

    During this stage, people are looking for inspiration on where to travel. This is one of the most crucial moments in promoting your destination or hotel. It’s all about the experience at this stage. Inspire wanderlust.

    The most relevant content is visual. At this step, you need to create emotions about the location. You’ll need brand awareness campaigns and a strong social media identity to be able to stand out from the crowd.

  • Planning moment

    As a hotel or travel marketer, your role at this point is to inform the traveler about what they will get by coming to your place. You need to be useful by providing the right information and giving the answers your travelers are looking for.

    Mobile has a key role in this micro-moment because people at this stage are often searching during their commute, on the couch, before bed, or when speaking with friends about traveling. You don’t need an overdose of info, just simply what your traveler/target needs.

  • Booking moment

    This is the last step of the booking process. At this stage, people are ready to book (and they will do it with you if you have both strong branding and an efficient booking tool).

    This is where they want to hear about special deals, flash sales, offers and any on-point information that will lead them to complete their booking decision. You need to communicate your best rates available and make your travelers think they are booking at the perfect place (that they have the “deal of their life”).

    At this point, you can also use advertising tools such as remarketing to make sure people are coming back to your website to convert.

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Brand Content.

We help you catch your future guests’ attention by creating inspiring and engaging content.
  • Social media branding
  • Content production
  • Video marketing

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Social Media Management.

We help you grow your online communities and build strong relationships (engagement).
  • Community Management
  • Social CRM
  • Followers Growth


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Social Media Advertising.

We create beautiful and dynamic ads for Facebook & Instagram to reach your most qualified audience.
  • Custom target audiences by demographics, interests, location and behaviour
  • Reach your best customers
  • Test and reach similar & lookalike audiences

Search Advertising.

Be visible to travelers at the right time with advanced Search Advertising and maximize direct revenues.

Display & Youtube Ads.

Display stunning banners and videos to increase your visibility and direct travelers to your hotel’s website.


Brand Protection.

Be visible to travelers at the right time with advanced Search Advertising and maximize direct revenues.


Build trust around your brand and increase your conversion rate with returning guests and visitors.


Start real time conversations with your guests by using text-recognition and machine learning.

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