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The number of travelers now using a mobile device before and during their trip

(Source: TripAdvisor 2016)

Daily active users
on Facebook Messenger

(Source: Facebook 2017)

  • Inform your guests about your additional services: amenities, spa treatments, your restaurant’s opening hours and more all without leaving your Facebook Page!

  • People don’t like to wait. Provide real time and personalized answers to all your Facebook messages and level up your customer support.

  • Optimize your presence on the most popular app in the app store, Facebook Messenger, and turn your fans into real customers by providing them directions, your phone number, and even booking.

Era of Assistance

Brands that assist their customers will be the brands they remember.

Many signs show we are now entering the era of assistance. Thanks to the explosion in popularity of mobile devices, brands are now trying to figure out how to reply quickly and efficiently to their customers. With 40% of Google searches already made by voice in the US (Source: Google 2016) we will soon be surrounded by devices that can listen, learn and get us an answer faster. Make sure the customer can get your answer.

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Starter Package
Let’s keep it simple!


  • Providing the right information to the guest regarding the hotel without having him to leave the Facebook Messenger environment and browsing the hotel’s website looking for that info.
  • -----
  • Replying instantaneously to each question asked by the guest to the hotel via Facebook Messenger (automatically or by facilitating the interaction between the guest and the hotel’s staff).
  • -----
  • Showing room and special offers to the guest and allowing him to complete the booking though your website.
  • -----
  • Re-engage a guest who used the chat before but hasn’t booked yet.
  • -----
  • Re-engage the guest by providing additional information before his/her stay.
All-in-one package
Master all your communication

On demand

  • Starter package included.
  • -----
  • Integration of the chatbot on your website and other channels such as SMS.
  • -----
  • Facilitating check-in/check- out operations.
  • -----
  • Send urgent messages to the client.
  • -----
  • Inform the client of specials offers and also propose upsells.
  • -----
  • Ask the client about his/her satisfaction during the stay.
  • -----
  • Propose a loyalty program subscription.

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