How it works.

Someone visits your site to learn more about your amazing property.

Soon after, they’ll start to see ads for your rooms around the web.

Now that you caught their eye, they’ll return to your site ready to buy.


We help you define your remarketing strategy

Your customers and your website visitors are your key assets in increasing your conversion rate.


This technique allows us to retarget your website visitors who have already visited your site and not purchased. We can show them relevant ads when they visit other sites,like their favorites blogs or media, YouTube, Facebook, and others.


AKA Remarketing List for Search Ads. This method uses your website visitors list to create specific search advertising campaigns. This allows you to use generic search terms (that usually cost a lot) only for people who already visited your website. It’s an easy way to get client loyalty by increasing your bids.


By using your customer database as a reference we can identify potential buyers who share the same characteristics and interests with your current website visitors. This method improves your chances to reach new leads and clients.


Create, set up and monitor your campaigns

From this point, we take care of everything:
– Creation of the ads –
– Where to display your ads –
– Cost per click configuration –
Available both on Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

Remarketing - Online Marketing by Influence Society


We get results

Our weekly & monthly reports show you how your ads are performing.

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