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Did you know search engines are almost always the last step a customer takes before making a reservation? Be there to meet them!

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70% of clicks on search engines are made on the first two results. And the sad truth is that most Online Travel Agencies have already bought your brand name on search. Fight back and make sure you are first all the time, on all devices.

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How we do Search Advertising?


First we set up your Adwords and/or Bing account

At this step we do a situation audit, start to install the trackings and build the keywords and devices strategy.

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We build a full extensions strategy

It is essential to develop a full extensions strategy. It will help you to expand your visibility in the search engine. Here’s how we do it.

When your call extensions show, people can tap or click a button to call your business directly, or they can tap or click your ad to go to your website.

All in all, call extensions give you more chances to get and track valuable conversions.

Google Adwords Call Extension - Google Ads by Influence Society

Location extensions can help people find your locations by showing your ads with your address, a map to your location, or the distance to your business.

People can then click or tap your extension to get further details about your location on your location page, which includes the most relevant business information all in one place.

Henrietta Hotel Google Ad Location - Google Advertising by Influence Society

Price extensions showcase your business’s offerings in detail, so people can find what they want more quickly through your ad.

Since each price extension listing has its own link, people can tap straight from your extension to what they want on your website.

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To add more links to your ads, create sitelink extensions. Sitelinks can take people to specific pages on your site—your store hours, a specific product, or more.

When someone clicks or taps on your links, they skip right to what they want to know or buy.

Google Adwords Search - Google Ads by Influence Society

To show special sales and offers with your ads, create promotional extensions. Promotion extensions makes your offer stand out so potential customers can spot great deals and generate new sales for your business.

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We get results

Our weekly & monthly reports show you how your ads are performing.

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