Hotel and Restaurant Websites are Finally Being Revolutionized by The No-Code Movement

November 29, 2021

You may not have noticed, but the most powerful tool in hotel and restaurant marketing is quietly taking over. You don’t need to be a developer and have an expensive agency to use it, and it has the potential to 10x your direct bookings. Any guesses? 

It’s Webflow, a CMS that is revolutionary in its ease of use, power, reliability, and flexibility, and the implications for hotel and restaurant websites are huge. It’s powered by AI and designed around the No-Code philosophy, meaning you don’t need to know code to use it.

Think of it like Squarespace or Wix but far more powerful. It’s not open-sourced like Wordpress so the design and workflow stays streamlined and you own it, rather than your web agency, so you can always access your source code. Webflow has the most advanced back office for content management (images, pictures, menus) that we’ve found while still being easy to navigate. You can build your site via a template or from scratch (like we do), depending on your needs. Simply put, it makes awesome websites. 

Before you ask yourself, “Is Influence Society getting paid by Webflow? Do they owe Webflow a favor?” The answer is nope! We just think it’s the best out there. After testing many different CMSs and even trying to build our own, we found that Webflow is not only the best, it’s what the industry has been waiting for for years– a fast, flexible, reliable, easy-to-use yet powerful CMS for hospitality websites. 

We’ve built over 150 hotel and restaurant websites in the last 18 months, all on Webflow. 

Sébastien FELIX, Founder & CEO @InfluenceSociety

Experimental Group Chose Webflow for all their properties

The No-Code Movement

But let’s back up because it’s important to spend a minute on the No-Code movement and its implications for hotel and restaurant websites.

For years, the need for coding in order to build a great website has locked businesses into less-than-transparent relationships with agencies and developers. Over the last year or so, AI has been used to power web development to create a new way of building websites, allowing those with no coding experience to build powerful sites.

Platforms like Webflow are major proponents of this No-Code movement, even hosting events for it. This new AI-powered web development technology, part of the greater No-Code movement, has ultimately enabled many brands to get new websites more quickly, either building from scratch or templates, while their agencies bring value by actively managing and further developing their websites. 

Europe is catching up 

While Webflow started in the US a few years ago, today it’s one of the fastest growing tech giants in the US and is one of the best-known No-Code companies in the world with over 150,000 customers.

While it’s one of the most popular CMSs in the US today, it’s just beginning to catch on in Europe. We’ve started seeing other agencies in Europe specialize in Webflow development but the truth is, there’s plenty more room for growth. All this to say, this is only the beginning and it’s a great opportunity to build the website of your dreams for your property. 

Why Webflow is the future of the hospitality industry

Webflow is in that rare category of new technologies that shakes things up and shifts the balance of power back in the right direction. As a travel brand, you can now own your website again, with full control over design, features, et cetera.

Webflow for hotels and restaurants

The backoffice is easy to understand and use, so you can easily manage and edit content, and it’s easy to build and edit your website. (This is especially important as websites should always be evolving– Look at Airbnb, who change their homepage every month!) 

Ultimately, your website is your most immediate point of contact with your potential guests, so you need to tell your story perfectly, especially on mobile, which today accounts for 70% of traffic. 

Final Words

We’ve built over 150 hotel and restaurant websites in the last 18 months, all on Webflow. We always wanted a more flexible model for our clients, where they wouldn’t be locked into a 24-month contract and would be able to access their website source code whenever they wanted (which is not possible with 90% of the agencies out there).

Today, we’re excited to deliver benchmark-setting results to our clients at lower cost with no long-term commitment. In fact, we’re currently helping a number of major European boutique hotel groups migrate to Webflow as we write this. 

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