Personalization is the Height of Luxury

August 23, 2022

With its diversity of landscapes, climates, histories, and architecture, Europe has always transported travelers to settings that are dramatically different from their daily lives.

But with the increase in the overall number of trips and guests' exposure to these places before they visit via Social Media, they're increasingly familiar with these settings before the trip itself and expect more from the hotel.

Hotels are responding to this evolving demand by offering ever more nuanced design that carefully account for the colors, materials, and sound of the establishment. Indeed, a trend that we see more and more in high-end hotels in Europe is unique decor and staging with ultra-customized decorative objects.

From furniture to linen and smells, in recent years hotels have been working hard to define their unique ambiances. This is very good news because the European and particularly French market is blessed with many powerful and iconic experiences, each as extraordinary as the next: from rural to baroque, gourmet, minimalist, or bold and festive, it's hard to imagine a visitor getting bored in France!

Every day, Interior design is even more essential to the guest experience, informed by guest profiles, habits, and desires, and the unique setting and history of the place. Each hotel has a chance to offer guests a true break from everyday life by transporting them to a new world to explore during their stay.

The laundry example

The French company Garnier-Thiebaut now supplies the majority of French palaces and a number of iconic hotels with table linens, bed linend and bath linend. Over the past ten years, the manufacturer has clearly noted the increase in the number of requests for linen customization. Today a large part of the linen supplied by Garnier-Thiebaut is personalized:

  • With a custom jacquard design
  • With embroidery
  • With a color or design detail created by the hotel's interior designer
  • With a simple personalized label with the hotel logo

Be recognizable

With the profusion of tourism images and content on social networks and in the press, one can be attracted to an image without necessarily remembering the name of the associated establishment. With this in mind, a very distinguished aesthetic makes it possible to find the hotel by typing a few keywords in Google Image.

In the same way, to ensure the best organic referral or, in simpler terms, word-of-mouth, it's a great idea to offer guests as many anecdotes and powerful details as possible that they will have in mind when they tell their stays to their loved ones.

New outlets

Many of Garnier-Thiebaut's professional customers are also present on the new site, which offers end customers who have stayed at the hotel the possibility of buying the hotel's sheets, bathrobe or pillows to extend the experience at home.

Today, more and more hotels are offering an online store selling items that symbolize their uniqueness.