La Maison Favart

Marketing strategy

More than a hotel, a real house

A new angle on a classic 18th century style, with fine-striped heavy curtains, where rich reds blend with chocolate; where memories of journeys dot the fine decor of the House. Every glance reveals another secret or an anecdote from the life of Monsieur and Madame FAVART…


Lignée Hotel asked us to manage their advertising campaigns on social networks and booking engines. They also needed a clear and precise vision of their digital strategy, as well as global reporting.


We were therefore able to offer them a dedicated campaign with an editorial line in line with their graphic charter, relevant targeting and a controlled budget. We were able to draw up a report in their colours, in order to have a clear vision of the return on investment and the scope of their actions.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Targeting, which is very precise today, makes it possible to refine and reach the right person at the right time.

Google Adwords Campaigns

We use geolocation data to attract and convert customers who are not yet familiar with the field. We set up with the establishment of specific offers that we send at a key moment of the day.