Pella Roca

I believe I can fly

It is a real invitation to travel and dream that the owners of these eco-shelters offer, at the gateway to the Causses du Quercy Natural Park. The place is ideal to recharge your batteries, disconnect, experience a timeless break. These cottages are designed with the greatest care, all adorned with a Nordic bath. We love staying there, with our eyes turned towards the stars.

The Brief

Always on the lookout for new knowledge, the owners of the place want to be independent and understand the challenges of tomorrow in the world of online travel.

The Solution

A dedicated coach comes to the domain for 3 days of intensive coaching on how to manage ads on social media. How to create your ads? In which markets? What are the tools to know and use, the good practices to follow? Today, the couple is able to manage their digital marketing campaigns on their own.


Personalized monthly micro-lessons to improve your direct booking.

Access to our video library

Our clients enjoy unlimited access to Influence Society Academy with useful videos to help them become and expert in hotel digital marketing.