"If you are not a brand,
you are commodity."

– R. Kiyosaki

Brand Identity

Need a refresh of your brand? Or simply need to create a new one?
We help hotels and restaurants to find their visual identity, powered by our creative talents (check out our Collective).

✓ Logos
✓ Brand Book
✓ Tone of Voice
✓ Visual Storytelling (Instagram, Newsletter, Brochures, ...)
✓ Illustrations

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Content Creation

The beauty of your brand starts with beautiful content. Our team will do more than just tell you how to say it, we'll make it for you, too! From text to photo, video, and more, we'll create amazing content for your brand in any medium that perfectly suits your tone of voice and audience.

✓ Photoshoots
✓ Videos (Trailer, Teaser, Stories, Reels, ...)
✓ Drone

Music Identity

Influence Society is partnered with Bespoke Sound, a music identity studio that helps hospitality brands enhance their guest experience and brand through music. We're thrilled to offer this service to any of our clients.

√ Custom soundtracks for common spaces
√ Brand playlists
√ Music supervision
√ Events, A/V consulting, and more

To learn more click below:
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