Hotel Marketing Products

Our products are designed to revolutionize the way hotels connect with their audience, offering cutting-edge tools and strategies that enhance visibility and guest engagement.

Hotel Dashboard

Our dashboard for hotels features an easy-to-use interface for tracking website performance, marketing campaign effectiveness, and offers a comprehensive view of financial data.


Room Directories

A digital solution that allows hotels to modernize their guest room directories. This tool is designed to be easily accessible on guests' phones via a QR code, offering a user-friendly experience.


ChatGPTs for Hotels

We assist hoteliers in developing their own custom ChatGPT solutions, specifically designed for sales and marketing needs. This service enables hotels to harness the power of AI for personalized guest interactions, efficient communication, and enhanced marketing strategies.

Coming soon

Job Offers Listing

Our new HR platform is a comprehensive solution designed for hotels and hotel groups, streamlining the management of job listings and recruitment processes. This intuitive platform offers a centralized hub for posting job openings, tracking applications, and managing candidate information.

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