AI Hospitality Assistants

Empower Your Hotel's Sales & Marketing with Custom AI Hospitality Assistants

Our AI is tailored with your unique data, including brandtone of voice, guidelines, and factsheets, enabling seamless integration into your processes. By saving up to 30% of your team's time, our AI assistants enhance efficiency, allowing your team to brainstorm, design, and deliver campaigns faster.


Why Choose Our AI Assistants?

Tailored to Your Brand: Custom AI assistants trained with your unique data. And your data is not reused to train our model.

Time-Saving: Save up to 30% of your team’s time.

Enhanced Efficiency: Streamline your marketing and sales processes.

Ongoing Support: Includes monthly optimization and quarterly masterclasses.


Your new Assistants for Every Need

Email Marketer Tools:
- Newsletter Generator
- Email Calendar Generator
Community Management Tools:
- FB/IG/LINKEDIN Post Writer
- Social Media Monthly Calendar
- Social Media Post Analyzer
SEO Tools:
- SEO Blog Writer
- SEO Optimizer
Influencer Marketing Tools:
- Influencer Brief Generator

Sales Manager Tools:
- Travel Agent Finder
- Travel Agent Analysis
- Destination Analysis
- Follow-up Email Generator
- Proposal Builder
- LinkedIn Outreacher

Business Developer Tools:
- Target Audience Analyzer
- Competitor Analyzer
- Meeting Notes Generator


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