How Do I Define The Budget Allocated To Google Ads Campaigns For My Hotel?

When you create your hotel's campaign on Google Ads, you will need to set a budget, but it is not always easy to define it.

It depends mainly on how your business advertises, but remember that you will only have to pay when people click on your ad or perform an action. It all depends on the bidding strategy you set. You can change this budget at any time.

For CPC bidding strategies, the cost per click value and the number of clicks fluctuate, so you will not spend the same amount every day, but the amount will not exceed the monthly limit set.

Regarding automated bidding strategies such as "Maximize conversions", there are no individual keyword bids set by advertisers and taken into account by Google. It simply chooses a CPC bid based on the result targeted by the auction strategy.

There is no miracle % of turnover that will allow you to set an ideal budget for your hotel on Google Ads. Set a budget adapted to the means you are ready to invest in advertising and a ROI (Return on Investment) to achieve.

Leave the campaign active for a while to record results and then constantly readjust your budgets according to the results achieved. Nothing prevents you from increasing your budget if it brings you more customers or from reducing it if you realize that you are sufficiently exploiting this channel!

The bidding simulator is a tool included in the Google Ads platform that will allow you to visualize different budgets and the results you can expect for a campaign. It can be a great help to help you distribute your budget between the different campaigns.