What Important Features Should A Hotel Chatbot Have?

Digital channels are being redefined through the use of artificial intelligence (AI), especially with chatbots and conversational applications.

In sales, service and marketing, chatbots foster customer loyalty by providing a personalized experience that engages customers before, during and after critical decision points.

However, not all chatbots are created equal. There are specific attributes and features that allow chatbots to have the widest possible impact on both your business costs and customer experience. Here are some very useful features:

At the conversation level

Some chatbots can understand the context of a conversation in several languages. They can also identify the intent of a question to provide an accurate first answer, and also offer options to confirm or clarify the intent.

Integration with CRM

The chatbot must be able to integrate and orchestrate workflows inside and outside your hotel CRM.

Emotionally intelligent

Some may even deduce the client's personality traits and understand the feelings and tone during a conversation to provide a personalized experience, or transfer to an individual if necessary.


It is important for a chatbot to be able to search, find and process large amounts of data to bring up information from any source, in order to collect relevant data to quickly solve customer problems.

Autonomous Reasoning

A chatbot can increasingly carry out complex reasoning without human intervention.