Our story

Social media & mobile acquisition strategists

Influence Society comes from hotel and digital marketing backgrounds, working with numerous luxury and hospitality brands. Experience has taught us to embrace a modern and new, more efficient approach to traditional online advertising by combining mobile, social and chatbots to drive only the best audiences to your brand.

Today, Influence Society helps extraordinary hotels and properties build strong brand awareness and drive traffic, engagement and conversions. We’re active in a number of communities and events like LE Miami and Web Summit where we share our vision for the future of hospitality marketing with industry leaders.

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This is what we believe. It’s why we love what we do and it’s what gets us up every morning (that and good coffee).

  • Rethink everything.

It’s time to rethink the basics of online marketing. Old school SEO hacks no longer cut it. New algorithms, platforms and user habits require cutting edge thinking to stay ahead of the curve. We test the early adopting so you don’t have to and we offer just what works, before anyone else.

  • Your story is unique. It deserves more.

Your brand’s story is one-of-a-kind. It’s what makes you you and why your guests love what you do. Your brand deserves a personalized digital marketing approach, so that’s exactly what we offer.

  • Marketing is only as good as the story you tell.

There’s a reason they say “content is king.” Emotion sells. Search engines today are designed to find the best, most relevant content. So tell a good story. We’ll create the marketing strategy to help it grow.

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What makes us different?

No long-term contracts. Just what you need it, when you need it.

Fixed cost. One flat fee and no hidden service charges.

Transparent. Immediately measurable with weekly and monthly reports.




We start by talking with you to clarify your needs, goals and marketing objectives. For example: Do you want to increase awareness or short-term conversions? Once a strategy is in place we get to work.



Data and analytics inform everything we do. That’s why we provide you with detailed weekly and monthly reports that help you maximize your presence online and tailor your sales objectives to the reality of the market.



We have two methodologies for our clients:
PIVOT (you assess what works and what doesn’t and adjust your strategy accordingly) and PERSEVERE (we make informed iterations to continuously improve). Choose your own adventure or let us lead the way.

Work with us

Our team of experts is dedicated to the luxury hospitality world

Based in France we have a wide range of destinations in our portfolio: Paris, London, Dubrovnik, Megève, Budapest, Mendoza, New York City and more. Our clientele include boutique and independent design hotels, that possess a bold identity and a passion for their communities.

100% clarity with access to all campaigns and tools.

We know you want transparency and accountability from your  partners. That’s why we give you full access to and control of your data across all advertising campaigns we do for you.

A unique expertise and mastery of specialist tools

As an agency partner, Influence Society has official accreditations from both Google and Facebook. These certifications ensure excellence in all our advertising and marketing products.

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Inspire. Learn. Share.

Knowledge is the ultimate power.