The Influence Society House | 2023
From October 9 - 13, Paris

Influence Society House

October 9 - 13, French countryside

« At the crossroads of luxury, connection, and innovation, Influence Society proudly presents a unique rendezvous in the picturesque countryside of Paris. Welcome to the Influence Society House. »

Sébastien FELIX, Founder & CEO

An Exclusive Parisian Retreat for Hospitality Visionaries

Why Join?
This isn't just another corporate retreat. This is an invitation to step into a world of inspiration, to be amidst the luminaries of the hospitality industry. Picture two days bathed in the serenity of the French landscape while diving deep into transformative workshops, spearheaded by the industry’s leading minds. As the digital terrain shifts and evolves, learn how the frontrunners are not just adapting, but thriving.

Curated Just for You
Every moment, every experience, every interaction at the Influence Society House has been handcrafted by us, at Influence Society, just for you. We believe in forging connections that matter, in creating memories that last, and in building a future that excites. Join us for an unparalleled escape.

Spaces are not just limited; they’re handpicked.


The Agenda
Within a week dedicated to enrichment, Influence Society is thrilled to present two separate retreat opportunities, ensuring flexibility for your busy schedules. Choose the one that aligns with your rhythm or recommend them to colleagues:
Option 1: Monday to Wednesday
Option 2: Thursday to Saturday

Whichever option you choose, each retreat unfolds with the following immersive program:


Morning: Arrival at the Influence Society House. Briefing on the latest Influence Society updates.
Lunch: Gourmet meal prepared by our renowned French chef.
Afternoon Workshops:
Harnessing AI for Sales & Marketing
SEO Strategies 2024: Capturing Tomorrow's Audience.
No-Code Website Tools: Designing for the Digital Age.
Dinner at the Influence Society House: Share stories, insights, and laughter over a specially curated dinner. This is an intimate moment with the entire Influence Society team, fostering connections beyond the business sphere.


Morning: Parisian Surprise: Be whisked away to a secret location in the heart of Paris, a blend of beauty and inspiration. Lunch at a Premiere: Savor an exquisite meal at our latest 5-star hotel unveiling, a testament to modern luxury in hospitality.
Afternoon: Expert Discussions Back at the House: As the sun gently sets, gather around as distinguished guest speakers delve into the latest trends intersecting digital marketing and hospitality. It's not just about listening, but engaging in dialogue that shapes the future.
Evening: Celebrate at the House: As night falls, the grounds come alive. Indulge in a night of revelry, music, and dance. Let's toast to shared successes, future endeavours, and the enduring spirit of the Influence Society.Prepare to be immersed, inspired, and invigorated. The Influence Society awaits.