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What matters most is how you tell your story.

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Influence Society started out as a small digital marketing agency for independent hotels. We were among the first to experience the digital revolution in our industry, and learned that the best work is collaborative, informed, agile, accessible, and transparent.

One thing hasn't changed, Influence Society still helps extraordinary hotels tell their extraordinary stories.

We believe in hoteliers as humans.

A story, profession, passion is always personal. We’re more than an agency. We’re a community, dedicated to authenticity, collaboration, and innovation.

How you tell your story matters.

We focus on authentic, sustainable, design-oriented efforts that tell original stories, connecting you with your guests and community and boosting revenue.

The best way forward is a shared effort.

We can’t do it alone. We live out this collaborative ethos with our academy, partnerships, and educational initiatives.

The world of travel and hospitality is changing.

Let’s be there to meet the next chapter.



We start by discussing your needs, goals and marketing objectives. Once a strategy is in place we get to work.



Data and analytics inform everything we do. We provide clients with detailed weekly and monthly reports.



Once the work is done, we help your team grow by training them and helping them develop new digital marketing skills.


Work with us

Hospitality Experience

Our team of experts is dedicated to the luxury hospitality world.

Based in France we have a wide range of destinations in our portfolio: Paris, London, Dubrovnik, Megève, Budapest, Mendoza, New York City and more. Our clientele include boutique and independent design hotels, that possess a bold identity and a passion for their communities.

Data Transparency

100% clarity with access to all campaigns and tools.

We know you want transparency and accountability from your partners. That’s why we give you full access to and control of your data across all advertising campaigns we do for you.


A unique expertise and mastery of specialist tools.

As an agency partner, Influence Society has official accreditations from both Google and Facebook. These certifications ensure excellence in all our advertising and marketing products.

Hotel Marketing Collective

The Collective is our elite network of creative service providers.

We created The Collective to make it easier for our clients to find world-class solutions to whatever project they have. The Collective is a private network of micro-agencies, creatives, and freelancers that do everything from photography to music curation to event planning and beyond.

What makes us different

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The Collective

We believe traditionnal agencies are over. We need a new way to collaborate in our industry so we curate the best talents outhere for your property.

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Full remote

As travel influencers and hospitality experts, our mission is to curate the best places around the world where you and your team can do great work.

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