Societies at Faena Hotel Miami Beach: March 28, 2024  

We extend our deepest gratitude to all the distinguished guests who joined our inaugural SOCIETIES Miami event at the luxurious Faena Hotel Miami Beach! Your presence and participation were the cornerstone of this successful gathering.

This unique assembly of hospitality professionals, industry pioneers, and thought leaders provided an unparalleled opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue around innovative insights as we envision the future of Sales & Marketing in our industry. We hope the shared experiences and the connections made at The SOCIETIES Miami will resonate with you and foster ongoing collaborations and innovations within our community as we shape the future of hospitality.

Once again, thanks for your valuable contribution in making this event a memorable milestone. We look forward to welcoming you to future gatherings as we continue our journey together in redefining marketing within luxury hospitality.

The day was rich with engaging and forward-thinking discussions, spearheaded by our knowledgeable speakers who delved into crucial topics shaping the future of luxury hospitality marketing:

  • Eve-Marie Steenman, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Influence Society, led an insightful session on "Mastering Online Acquisition: Updates & Strategies for 2024", providing valuable perspectives on digital marketing innovations.
  • Shannon Johnson, Enterprise Account Executive at Webflow, captivated us with "Embracing the NoCode Revolution in Hospitality", highlighting the transformative power of no-code solutions in our industry.
  • Abe Salam, Founder of Epic Revenue Consultants, offered in-depth expertise on "2024 Updates & Best Use Cases in Revenue Management", showcasing strategies to enhance revenue in the dynamic market landscape.
  • Sébastien Félix, Founder & CEO of Influence Society, explored "The Power of AI for Hospitality", elucidating how artificial intelligence can drive innovation and efficiency in our sector.

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