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Introducing COPILOT, our premier hotel marketing solution designed to navigate the complex digital landscape on your behalf. With COPILOT, you gain access to a dedicated team of marketing experts who work tirelessly each month to craft and implement customized digital strategies for your hotel.

Our mission is to support hospitality brands like yours by leveraging innovative technologies and tools that focus on customer acquisition and revenue growth. From metasearch campaign management to social media optimization, our comprehensive suite of services is designed to boost your online presence and drive bookings.

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With COPILOT, you're not just getting a service - you're gaining a partner. We're here to guide you through every twist and turn of the digital marketing journey, ensuring your hotel reaches new heights of success.

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Management & standardization of process

Automation of actions and work tool

Economies of scale

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Influence Society Academy

Head of marketing

Digital & marketing strategy

Planning & management of marketing budget

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Management of advertisement

Active reporting

Weekly & monthly performance review

Real time reporting

Link with sales & revenue teams

Help with recruitment

Personalized coaching & skills development


With pricing based on your annual revenue, our expert team provides monthly, customized digital strategies designed to boost customer acquisition and drive revenue growth.


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To answer all your questions and create new opportunities

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What if we have multiple properties and need reporting for different hotel segments?

Our expertise extends to managing hotel groups. We provide segment-specific reporting, which gives you a detailed understanding of the performance across different properties and hotel segments. This helps you make data-informed decisions for each unique part of your portfolio.

How do we ensure transparency in reporting?

We provide comprehensive reports on campaign performance via a custom dashboard. As specialists in hotel groups, we offer clear insights into multi-property and segment-specific performance, giving you a full picture of your campaign's progress and ROI.

How do we create a digital marketing plan that reflects your hotel's offerings?

We develop a holistic promotional strategy that not only highlights your luxury rooms but also accentuates your fine dining, spa services, and meeting facilities. Coupled with effective budget management and industry insight, we aim to drive revenue growth across all sectors of your hotel.

Which digital channels do we utilize to reach your potential guests?

We select the most effective channels, including social media, search engines, and email marketing, tailored to your brand's needs. We optimize these platforms to connect with your target demographic and stimulate their interest in your hotel's offerings.

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