« As for the future, it's not about predicting it, but rather about making it possible. »

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Reflecting our clients who create exceptional destinations, our hotel marketing agency Influence Society ensures we think outside of conventional boundaries. By combining our digital expertise with a deep understanding of the industry, we have rallied numerous reference groups around future challenges.

Whether on the ocean coasts or in more bucolic lands, atop urban peaks or Alpine heights, Influence Society supports various established establishments, strong institutions with centuries of history, hotels with a familial touch, and avant-garde architectural concepts.Devoted to these living spaces, we embrace the boutique spirit that no room should resemble another: we understand that experiences must be tailored to each guest.

Devoted to these living spaces, we embrace the boutique spirit that no room should resemble another: we understand that experiences must be tailored to each guest. Since hotels must excel in communication while meeting commercial and human resources demands, our agency serves as an outsourced Chief Marketing Officer, enabling them to master the digital landscape without restructuring. From launching new websites after a thorough audit to building a digital presence in anticipation of openings or closures for renovations, and strategizing to boost direct sales or occupancy rates, Influence Society supports hotels in their quest to be unique destinations.

Beyond our dual expertise in e-commerce and branding, our agency stands out by daring to embrace a pop and lifestyle image, rather than adhering to luxury codes. This choice is more than just a whimsical preference, but a tribute to our convivial ways and slightly mischievous optimism.

Our journey began with Sébastien Félix, an entrepreneur with branching ideas whose passion for computing took root in his adolescence. After developing his first games as a youngster and dabbling in crypto mining, he fell in love with the hospitality industry, working alongside the best from the outset.

Managing online marketing for Maisons & Hôtels Sibuet and discovering the behind-the-scenes of a collection housing many memories led him to definitively dedicate his passion for technology to prestigious addresses. From working in specialized agencies to his initial ventures, Sébastien eventually founded Influence Society with a taste for freedom that he would pass on to those united by his approach.

Since its inception in 2016, our company has built its reputation on conversion and acquisition strategies—methods adept at navigating the intricacies of Google Ads and targeted advertising campaigns. However, Influence Society quickly expanded to offer a comprehensive 360-degree suite of services.

In addition to analyzing distribution channels and mastering various levers to increase traffic on hotel websites, as well as revamping content for improved visibility, we had the foresight to delve into no-code website creation. Our agency took the lead by betting on Webflow, an initially obscure tool in Europe, which allowed us to gain momentum as soon as it became one of our favorite solutions.

From initial sketches to going live, we rapidly produce brand platforms that grant greater autonomy. We refuse to let novices be denied access to their back-office and instead offer simplified site management. Influence Society has become the hotel marketing agency that can identify doors to unlock; rather than merely crafting the key, we confidently hand it over.

Polishing ideas that inevitably lead to applications, Influence Society stays ahead of digital needs, mobile-first environment design, and marketing technique training. While we don't hesitate to go beyond the contractual framework by advising on recruitment or pricing policies, we always adhere to our way of doing things—being responsive and, above all, engaged.

Influence Society naturally attracts hybrid talents with boundless imagination. Before joining our ranks, every team member had already charted paths in both the web and hospitality sectors. Whether addressing needs through acquired expertise or a geeky lens attentive to every technical detail, all share a passion for tourism and exploration.

We also have travel-addicted developers fluent in multiple languages, web enthusiasts who know the ins and outs of online sales and user journeys, and strategists dedicated to forecasting to anticipate opportunities before they materialize.

On the branding front, we collaborate with top-notch freelancers brought together in our Collective. Photographers, web designers, graphic designers, videographers, or art directors, each has honed their craft and refined their touch so that, depending on the project, we know which partner will help perfect a prestigious brand image.‍

True to our habit of not following market trends, Influence Society's corporate culture has united us around a 100% remote working model. Far from being a passing fad, going fully remote allows each of us to shape our professional lives in harmony with our lifestyles, mobility, or family plans.

This choice has expanded our agency's geographical reach, allowing us to work from anywhere. As a result, we gather insights from Lyon's stronghold to Parisian boulevards, Alsatian valleys to the Spanish peninsula.

Colleagues and clients alike can attest to our propensity for broadening horizons: our commitment-free approach requires us to be consistently excellent. Transparency is our guiding principle; the effectiveness of our strategies can be measured 24/7 through numerical reports and deciphered data.‍

To be worthy of the prestigious establishments we represent, Influence Society raises the standards and benchmarks of its field. Whether through our Societies—intimate events inviting establishment representatives to connect with partners boasting unusual expertise—our Academy courses, or our research, monitoring, and benchmarking efforts, our agency readily shares its keynotes and findings.

Supporting the entire industry through its upcoming transformations, we wish to continue growing together and invigorating this microcosm by promoting our community of mutual aid. Carrying the banner of collaboration, we move forward not just alongside but with the new generation of hoteliers. To properly welcome hospitality professionals, there could be no other way—welcome to Influence Society, the agency that empowers you to push the hospitality experience even further.

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