Bespoke Sound The Coolest Hotels in LA 2021

October 7, 2021

Here at Influence Society, we got tired of seeing the same old travel photos on Instagram. We were missing the personal connection, story, and touch. We want to know the story behind the photo. We want to experience what that beautiful travel destination feels like. So we decided to completely flip our Instagram and let the best creators in hospitality tell their stories themselves! 

We kicked things off with @novemberstudio’s Chloé Mignard’s amazing hospitality photography. This week, we invited Music Director Clay Bassford, founder of @BespokeSound, a music direction agency for hospitality brands, to give us a musical tour of LA’s amazing hotels. And with all the openings currently happening in the city, there’s a lot to see! So get your Spotify ready to stream 🎵 and your Google Maps ready to bookmark 🗺️ ! Somebody press play! 

The Hoxton
🎵 The Hoxton, Sibling Rival Cafe @ Thurs 10am  🎵 

This London-based group’s stylish hotspot in Downtown Los Angeles has quickly become a place to stay for creatives in town for work or pleasure. I love how easy it is to spend the whole day here, from morning at the cafe to sunset on the rooftop! The space always feels very cool and welcoming, making us think of rising indie artists that blend lo-fi bedroom pop with electronica and an upbeat indie groove. 

Hotel Covell
🎵 Hotel Covell, Bar Covell, Thurs 5pm 🎵

Hotel Covell’s 9 suites, known as “Chapters,” hidden away in East Hollywood tell a story to those who pay attention, of a fictitious author for whom the hotel is named. While you don’t need to know the story to enjoy a stay at this unique and cozy spot, it adds rich character to the space, infusing their bar downstairs with a smoky, bluesy feel that pairs well with their excellent wine and beer selections. 

Hotel June
🎵 Hotel June, Caravan Swim Club, Friday 5pm 🎵

Hotel June, operated by the very popular Proper group, is the perfect escape for anyone traveling in or out of LAX. The hotel feels miles away and their playful and adventurous vibe gives it a strong community feel. We’re there to start off our Friday evening by the pool at the Caravan Swim Club. Tunes are eclectic, warm, and convivial to ease guests into a fun-filled weekend.  

The Line LA
🎵 The Line, Openaire Restaurant @ Fri 7pm 🎵

The Line LA is an industrial chic hotel nestled in a bustling corner of Koreatown. Their style is bold yet fluid and certainly attracts a crowd that cares about design. Our soundtrack for their imminently Instagrammable restaurant, Openaire, spans house-y and trip-hop influenced pop and bossa-electronica. 

Venice V
🎵 Venice V, Boardwalk @ Sat 10am 🎵

The Venice V is Venice’s first boutique hotel, housed in a 100+ year-old historic building directly on the beach. The neighborhood’s character is infused throughout the property. Case and point is the portrait in the lobby of Venice founder Abbot-Kinney made out of 4,000+ skateboard wheels. Our soundtrack to your morning around the hotel and neighborhood is sunsoaked indie SoCal energy all the way. 

The Kinney
🎵 The Kinney, The Quad, Sat 2pm 🎵

The Kinney is a colorful yet lowkey hotel in Venice with an outdoor space known as The Quad on their 2nd floor that is perfect for a weekend afternoon hang– whether you’re there for a dip in the pool, some ping pong, or a nap on their hammocks. Our soundtrack for The Kinney is a laid back affair digging into modern soul, a little reggae, and bedroom pop. 

Kimpton La Peer
🎵 Kimpton La Peer, Issima, Sat 8pm 🎵

When we visited Kimpton La Peer they were busy preparing to host the Emmys’ gift bag reception on their rooftop. The bold, impressive space is full of art and design. Their restaurant, Issima, covers three areas that all exude the hotel’s signature style. Our soundtrack to Saturday night dinner has a jazzy House bent that would perfectly blend in between their nightly DJ sets. 

Cara Hotel
🎵 Cara Hotel, Brunch al Fresco, Sunday 12pm 🎵

There’s no better place to be for Sunday brunch than the exquisitely minimalist Cara Hotel. Their blending of old Mediterranean warmth and a newer, restrained, modern Californian style – all centered around a beautiful pool – is the perfect spot to unwind. Our soundtrack for brunch at Cara is warm, relaxed, understated, and eclectic, mirroring the visual aesthetic experience of the space. 

Mama Shelter
🎵 Mama Shelter, Rooftop, Sunday 5pm 🎵

This funky hotel group’s Hollywood outpost brings some much needed color to the neighborhood. Their style is saturated and fun, always down for a good time. An afternoon on their rooftop, with views of the Hollywood sign, is a perfect way to cap off a weekend in LA. Our soundtrack here is modern breezy pop and R&B that will make you feel like the weekend never ends.