Influence Society Launches a New Accelerator Program For Hospitality Entrepreneurs

February 21, 2022

We’ve spent a lot of time developing our digital marketing skills while working with Europe’s best hotel brands. Today, many of those brands have a post-COVID strategy that sees them raising money, opening new hotels, and further developing their brand image. For example, our clients Experimental Group recently raised 400€M while our other client, Les Etincelles raised 500€M to become the Alp’s hospitality leader, and Paris Society, who have been developing a new hotel group over the last several months. 

Helping brands build their digital marketing to grow as their business does is in our DNA. We help brands grow better, faster if needed, but always at the speed that makes sense. Our team and culture reflects this, too, with our team members coming from both tech and hospitality. 

Last year we launched our Membership program that helps hospitality brands outsource their Digital Marketing to give them more flexibility, transparency, and the ability to scale. This is what today is called, “CMO-as-a-Service” and we’ve seen it sprout up in other industries, too. At the same time, we have more and more people contacting us for new projects and to explore new ideas. From sustainability to space tourism, we love to help develop a dream into reality. 

In this spirit, today, we launch our new Hotel Marketing Accelerator program. This is the first 3-month program dedicated to hospitality entrepreneurs who want to push the industry into the future. 

This 12-week program includes: 

  • Create and plan the sales and marketing strategy
  • Map & budgetize all digital actions
  • Help you with your sales pitch
  • Use our digital marketing expertise to answer all your questions
  • Launch a teaser website
  • Create the social media launch strategy
  • Build the long-term SEO strategy
  • Training on all skills necessary to make a successful online business

Enrollment is now open for our first cohort of entrepreneurs. First session is May 2! Get in touch to apply