Introducing November Studio

December 6, 2021

The Influence Society Collective is a new model for digital marketing agencies in travel and hospitality, built collaboratively by the world’s leading consultants, freelancers, and micro-agencies. Learn more.

Our third Collective member is November Studio, an Annecy and Geneva-based visual agency specializing in photography, styling, and video content. They offer bespoke visual content for authentic storytelling. Below, meet the founder, Chloé Mignard. 

What does November Studio do? 

November Studio is a creative studio for independent hotels & lifestyle brands. I don’t want to refer to it as a photography studio because our offering goes way beyond that. We offer photography services, but also creative consultation, art direction, and short films. 

What’s your background? 

I used to work in the luxury industry (first in fashion & beauty for high-end brands like Chanel, Christian Louboutin & L’Occitane then I pivoted into hospitality). My background was focused on marketing & communication, from leading global merchandising campaigns for major timings like Christmas to managing the visual rebranding of a 5* star hotel (visual identity, website, social media & print collaterals). 

What I loved the most about my jobs was the creative aspect so photography came in naturally. After a couple of years in the hospitality industry, I realized a lot of hotels were still really traditional in their communication (and not in a good way). It’s almost like they were afraid to enter the 21st century and deal with the new means that are available today. 

That’s how I came up with November Studio. A creative offering for hotels that are ready to invest in the digital era with modern & lifestyle content; hoteliers who know tomorrow's guests are young, connected, active professionals whose concerns when choosing a destination won't be the number of stars on the façade but the experience they're going to live, the thought-after design of the place and sometimes, yes, its Instagram potential. 

Why did you join The Collective? 

I joined the collective because I firmly believe in what it stands for: A global team of independent experts that design tailor-made solutions to meet the clients' needs in a quick & agile way. 

November Studio x Dolder Grand

We all get to keep our independence, work on our own projects while also having the opportunity to get brought on bigger projects that require complementary skills & expertise. I also really appreciate the fact that it brings us together as a team. As a freelancer, you don't get to see & chat with coworkers every day and it can get lonely sometimes so it's great to work with other creative-minded individuals on common projects. 

What do you think about The Collective model? 

I definitely think it’s the new way to do things. If the global pandemic taught us one thing, is that we actually can work remotely, without it affecting our performance. I'm also a firm believer that the large, global agency model is a dinosaur. Given the economic complexity of the past few months, clients, more than ever, are very mindful of their budget and how they spend it. The time where they would spend tens of thousands of dollars each month for a retainer (that basically consisted of a few print collateral here and there and basic maintenance of the website) is over. They need cost-effective, agile solutions and that's just what the Collective does. 

How will clients benefit? 

First, I think the rigorous selection for members who apply to join the Collective is key. Members of the Collective share an aligned vision of what the clients' experience should be which ensures a better experience for them and high-quality deliverables. 

Another key aspect of the Collective is transparency. Having worked with agencies before, you never really know what you're paying for.With the Collective, there's no surprise. The client knows exactly what experts have been brought together as a team for his project, what's everyone's expertise and fees. There's no hidden cost or commission, which ultimately results in a more cost-effective solution.