Introducing Remote Society

January 31, 2022

If you follow us on social media, you probably already know that the Influence Society team has been 100% remote since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Over the years we’ve traveled all over Europe meeting clients and visiting amazing hotels. It’s in our DNA to travel. So even before COVID-19, we were interested in the concept of remote work– the flexibility, the travel, the agility. 

Once the pandemic hit, remote work became a necessity. So we decided to commit to going remote. We gave up the lease on our office and made the operational changes to get our team used to collaborating primarily virtually.  

I can happily say it was a resounding success. From providing more flexibility for our team members to gaining access to more talent to being able to actually meet our clients in person (while maintaining safe distance, of course), it’s been a major win for our business. 

Today, we announce the next step in our remote journey: Remote Society

We quickly realized that our monthly team retreats where we’d meet in person, collaborate and spend time with each other, held a lot of value for both other teams and remote workers as well as the hotels and resorts where we’d stay. 

Remote work doesn’t have to be a lonely experience and as it evolves and matures, we will find new ways to connect with each other. Remote Society is our effort to move things in that direction. 

Simply put, it’s a worldwide members' club for modern work. Members get exclusive access to work, stay, and play at the most amazing boutique hotels around the world. Hotels and resorts get access to new guests who may need just a place to work for a day or a place to stay for a week or more. 

Our current clients at Influence Society are already participating hosts in Remote Society. Aside from the benefits mentioned above, hosts get regular in-person access to our team, as we travel to and stay at our clients’ properties regularly. And on our side, it helps us do better work, as we get to personally know the spaces and understand our clients. Ask another agency if they regularly do site visits! 

And for us, it’s a chance to improve our culture. We get to learn from the best – you! – about hospitality and teamwork while helping take our remote work to the next level. 

We’ll be opening the doors to Remote Society to new hotels and resorts soon. Want to get in on the action? Get in touch and let’s chat! We’d love to have you.