Web Trio Project

February 21, 2023

A 3-Way Collaborative Website Project

Recently, Influence Society teamed up with Details of War, a creative studio, and DEVOR, a food concept creator, to create a cutting edge website for DEVOR to showcase their work. Read on to learn more.

Meet Details of War

Details of War is a creative and strategic digital studio based in Paris, specializing in omnichannel communication for the hospitality, food, culture, lifestyle and entertainment industries. The studio is focused on creating innovative and emotional experiences that last over time. Our expertise is in branding, websites, apps, installations, brand strategy & positioning.


Devor is both a creator of food concepts, but also a ghost kitchen offering a multitude of brands and offers with delivery services & click and collect. 

The collaboration with Influence Society

On this project, Details of War managed the art direction, design, UX, and animation, in collaboration with Influence Society, who did the front and back end development.

The challenge

There were a few challenges inherent to this project. The first was to create a design that is both highly identifiable and stylized as a brand while still a showcase to present all of the various concepts DEVOR may share. We also had to think of a user path that responds to and addresses both B2B and B2C audiences.

A Win-Win-Win Solution

In the end, it was a fantastic collaborative experience for the Influence Society and Details of War teams. We were able to present a design that reflects the DEVOR values: dynamic, modern, hyper-fresh, and we were able to do so without any compromise in the development. All of that and the site is simple to use for the DEVOR team, allowing them to make changes autonomously whenever they want. 

The end result: DEVOR has a great showcase that is flexible enough to grow alongside the company’s growth and evolution.