Websites Design for 5-star Hotels

Influence Society is a web agency specializing in luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants and offers many marketing services including website design for 5-star hotels.

Website Design for 5-star hotels

Influence Society is a web agency specializing in luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants and offers many marketing services including website design for 5-star hotels.

screenshot of the pigonnet hotel, a 5* website hotel influence society
screenshot of the tropical saint barth hotel, a 5* website hotel influence society

Webflow website design for 5-star hotels

In the luxury hotel industry, image must be perfect and service impeccable. A 5-star hotels’ website must therefore make a strong and lasting impression, as the guest journey starts as soon as they arrive on the hotel's website.

Our luxury hotel web agency creates websites with Webflow. This CMS allows us to design custom websites of impeccable quality, both in terms of design, functionality and natural referencing. 

Whether it is with our web designers, our developers or our SEO experts, our team's experience in the creation of websites for 5-star hotels enables us to design the website that best meets your requirements and those of your sophisticated guests.

Web design for 5-star hotels

Your 5-star hotel is unique. From its architecture, its location, its decoration, its atmosphere, its environment, its services, its colors... your website must reflect this– it’s an extension of your hotel and story. 

At Influence Society, we don't use templates, each website is unique and custom-designed for the client. All of our 5-star hotel websites are custom made.

Of course, all our websites are responsive and offer an excellent user experience, both through fluid navigation and optimized loading times, for a 5-star experience on the website itself.

All 5-star hotel management tools integrate with Webflow websites

The Webflow website creation tool is flexible and allows for the integration of your existing hotel software, which our developers will link to your new website. Thus, there’s no need to change your habits and train your teams to new processes.

A well-referenced 5-star hotel website

Having a site that converts is essential but having a site that generates traffic via search engines is an extremely effective strategy. Indeed, SEO is a powerful and long-lasting marketing lever.

Our 360 marketing agency for luxury hotels has acquired excellent experience in SEO for 5-star hotels. Each website is accompanied by SEO optimization on the architecture of the site, as on the technical aspects and content in order to optimize the positioning of the site on Google and other search engines.

Why do 5-star hotels need a Webflow website?

Webflow is a web design tool that is ideal for 5-star hotels because it allows you to design modern, elegant and visually stunning websites, and offers advanced animation and interaction capabilities that will make the difference in a very competitive 5-star hotel market. 

Keeping a site up to date both in terms of content and functionality can be complicated and time consuming, but the simplicity of Webflow's back office allows for simplified and autonomous management of the website. No need to ask the agency that created the site for help, the site is constantly updated and guests always have the right information.

The teams can thus concentrate on the essential: managing the hotel and its guests!

screenshot of the hotel du collectionneur, a 5* website hotel influence society
screenshot of the villa marie saint barth, a 5* website hotel influence society

Influence Society is the leading web agency for 5-star hotels

Our agency helps 5-star hotels in their 360° marketing and therefore knows all the trends and nuances inherent in the luxury hotel sector.

This is what allows us to create high-performance websites with an authentic experience that immerses you in the atmosphere of the hotel, while simplifying management on your side and increasing traffic to the site through optimized natural referencing.

When you work with Influence Society, you benefit from the expertise and experience of a leading communications agency in the hotel industry.

Examples of 5-star hotel websites made with Webflow

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