Do Ads On Social Medias Work In Hotels?

Nearly half of the world's population uses social networks, about two-thirds of them Facebook. That's a huge part of your target audience that systematically uses social networks, so that's where you need to communicate.

According to the Fuel Travel 2019 Leisure Travel Study, over the past year, nearly 40 percent of hotel guests have visited the hotel's Facebook page before booking a room.

And as far as the Millenials are concerned, 52% of them also consult Facebook before booking. Ideally, the main social networking platforms on which we suggest hotels be present are Facebook and Instagram.

  • Facebook is the most widely used social networking platform.
  • Instagram is a great place to reach the 35 and under audience and allows you to build a collection of exceptional branded photos.

In my opinion, it is essential for a hotel to broadcast content on social networks and to adopt a controlled editorial line.

Professional platforms on social networks are powerful tools that allow you to target prospects according to where they work, what they like to do, their friends ...

These different targeting criteria and the ability to broadcast graphic content (image, video) will allow you to reach new people by presenting the hotel faithfully, but in its best light.