For A Hotel, Is It Better To Promote Your Hotel On Social MediasOr Search Engines?

A hotel must be visible on as many channels as possible in order to increase live sales. Thus, it is strongly advised to promote your hotel on social networks and search engines. The two often prove to be complementary.

Social networks are a showcase for your establishment.

They put forward visuals that speak volumes for your target audience and echo your news. For nearly 60% of clients, the use of social networks is a mandatory step in organising their stay (research and/or booking process). Proposing targeted ads, between 2 stories or during the scrolling of the news feed can push a user to find out about your hotel, and potentially capture a reservation directly on your website.

The search engines reference the site of your establishment.

Investing in search engines is therefore essential. Whether it's search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine advertising (SEA), your business, especially your own website, must stand out. This is the only way to differentiate yourself from your competitors and booking sites.

Social networks and search engines can complement each other.

Moreover, investing in both channels clearly makes sense. If a prospect views an ad on Instagram and inquires, he or she can book a few days later by searching for your establishment's name on Google. If your site doesn't appear before the OTAs, the chances that the prospect will book directly through your site are low.