How Can I Comply With GDPR For My Hotel's Emailing Campaign?

With the entry into force of the new General Regulations on Data Protection(RGPD), it is better to be informed about what you have the right to do and not to do when creating an email campaign for your hotel.

Here is some crucial information:

Consent requires positive acceptance

Boxes that are pre-checked or automatically checked upon client inaction to assume consent are not valid under the PPMR.

Separate consent requests from other terms and conditions

For the purposes of the GDPR, consent to send e-mails must be separate. Never combine consent with your Terms and Conditions, Privacy Notices or any of your services, unless e-mail consent is required to complete that service.

Do not impose an obstacle to deregistration

The Internet user must be able to unsubscribe from the newsletter freely and easily:

  • Do not charge fees
  • Do not require any information other than the e-mail address
  • Do not require subscribers to log in
  • Don't ask subscribers to visit more than one page to submit their request.

Keeping records of free consent

The company must keep certain information to certify that the Internet user has registered freely:

  • Who?
  • When?
  • How?

Check your existing database

Indeed, the RGPD does not only concern people who have subscribed after the entry into force of the regulation, but also Internet users who have subscribed to your emailing before.