How Do I Report Inappropriate Notices On My Hotel Listing?

How do I remove a Google Review from your business listing?
There is no "Delete" button to remove a review. Because reviewers don't always post their reviews under their real identities, you often can't contact them directly and ask them to remove the review.

Notices may be deleted by Google if they are labeled as inaccurate or if they do not comply with Google's Notice Policy. To report a notice, follow these steps:

1. In Google Maps or in your Google My Business, go to the Notice of the establishment in question.

2. Find the notice you want to delete.

3. At the top right, next to the notice, click on three dots and mark the notice as inappropriate.

The evaluation of an opinion may take several days. If it is determined that the notice is contrary to Google's policies, it will be removed from the platform. Likewise, you can report inappropriate photos and videos, as well as questions or answers, in Google My Business.

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