How Do You Set Up An Editorial Calendar For Your Facebook Or Instagram Community?

Too many companies focus on the technical side of their editorial calendar (what days content should be published, at what times and at what pace) and ignore the strategic elements.

Anyone can schedule blog posts on a regular basis, but the best content marketers create strong and strategic editorial calendars.

Instead of viewing your editorial calendar as a content calendar, think of it as the implementation plan for your content marketing strategy.

Here are a few steps to help you build an effective editorial calendar that includes the essential elements:

  1. Determine content creation capacity by determining who is involved
  2. Identify your objectives for the quarter in line with your marketing strategy
  3. Determine the different types of content you will publish for the given period of time
  4. Specify the dates, times of each post on the calendar.
  5. Brainstorm to finalize the topics of each content
  6. Be flexible and adjust your schedule if you fall behind.
  7. Measure your content success

Once you have set up your editorial calendar, follow a few indicators in order to analyse the results and improve your strategy.

You can measure brand awareness by observing, for example, the sharing of posts on social networks or new connection requests. The conversion rate will allow you to measure the acquisition of new prospects.