How Often Should I Post On Social Networks?


Facebook being the most used social network in France and in the world, it is essential to have an active page on the network. It will be a question of publishing content on the hotel's news, feedback on the events that have taken place (with the agreement of the participants), news about the city...

Facebook is a personal social network, so the majority of traffic is concentrated on the weekend (Thursday to Sunday) with a pronounced peak of engagement during the weekend. The best times to feed the account are at 1pm (best sharing rate) and 3pm (best audience rate). To make things easier, the hotel can schedule these posts in advance to be published automatically at the desired time.


As for Instagram, it is a network that is used more and more daily, with slightly different publication days.

According to the study conducted by CoSchedule the best days to post images and videos is Tuesday and Thursday outside of business hours.