How Often Should I Redesign My Website?

It should be remembered that a hotel's website must reflect its philosophy. The information on it must be constantly updated. Above all, the website should reflect the current image of the hotel. The right questions must therefore be asked:

Does my hotel's website correspond to the defined brand image?

A change in its image (rebranding) must be accompanied by a potential complete overhaul of the website.

A site that does not match a hotel's identity may cause customer mistrust and encourage the customer to favour booking through an OTA rather than on the site directly.

Is my school's website attractive?

Above all, a site must make potential customers want to book in this hotel. The site is a sort of reflection of what the hotel is all about. It is therefore important to see what competitors are doing and whether their websites have been updated. The website of an establishment should never appear outdated compared to another one. It must be professional and be in line with what is currently being done, with current trends.

In addition, the site must be optimized for mobiles. More and more searches are done through a mobile phone (mobile phone searches have surpassed computer queries in France in 2017).

Is my hotel's website relevant?

To give a website a facelift, it is not necessarily necessary to change the information and texts present.

The sections should be explicit, without too many intermediate actions before arriving at the final information. The pages must respect a certain hierarchical order so that the potential customer finds the information quickly.

Finally, direct booking should be favoured. Is the reservation button clearly visible? Constantly? Is it in the most relevant place? This little button is indeed the key element of any reservation. It must be easily identifiable and must be within easy reach, or rather under the mouse.

Let me get this straight.

Finally, a website must be regularly updated, so as not to become obsolete. However, there is no precise frequency that defines when it should be updated. The general design should not be changed every six months, but it should be modern and up-to-date. A few years of stagnation can cause a website to lag behind. Above all, the website must remain consistent with the brand image, it must remain modern, go to the essentials and above all give the right information about the hotel easily.