How To Build Customer Loyalty Thanks To Hotel CRM?

The key to adding value to your offer is to know your customer and give them what they need. It is essential to emotionally appeal to them, and you need to establish a real bond with your potential customers by conveying your beliefs to them so that they can identify with them.

When a customer sees that a hotel brand really cares about their experience and tries to find the best solution to make their holiday experience unforgettable, it is easier for them to decide in favour of booking directly with the hotel.

A common way to add value and personalize your communication with your customers is to set up a loyalty program. With a loyalty program in place, you will be able to tailor your messages to the needs of specific customers, understand their preferences and meet their expectations.

In order to feed your loyalty program and to be able to best meet the needs of your customers, you need to create your customer database with information about your customers that will be stored and managed by your CRM.

You will need to retrieve this information by analyzing the profile of direct bookers because when booking through OTAs or tour operators, hotels usually obtain the bare minimum of customer information.