How To Measure The E-Reputation Of A Hotel?

Internet reputation is a rather abstract and elusive concept, but in the case of the hospitality industry, it has two distinct components that influence consumer behaviour:

The first component consists of each client's opinions and evaluations, which are derived from their perception of the various attributes of the services.

Source: Tripadvisor

The second is aggregated data, such as the TripAdvisor ranking or the average score on A way of "summarising" individual opinions.

Source: Booking

Platforms have different ways of displaying information and collecting feedback from users in order to rank and rate establishments. Most of the time, OTAs and Metasearchs do not publish their rating and ranking algorithms.

In order to measure your e-reputation :

  1. Type the name of your hotel on Google and check whether the information is positive or negative in the first few pages of results.
  2. Do the same on Google Images and Youtube.
  3. Then check the opinions, comments and posts published on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin ...).
  4. Finally, check your ranking, and the customer reviews on your website and the specialized sites of OTAs and Metasearchs.

Once you have gathered this information you can get an overall picture of your online presence and judge whether it is more positive than negative.

There are also tools that will allow you to monitor each channel, here are a few examples:

  • The Mention tool: Provides an RSS feed that will allow you to easily follow certain keywords.
  • Owler: allows you to evaluate your online presence compared to your competitors.
  • Hootsuite: allows you to track and manage your social networks and centralize everything in one application.
  • Guest Suite: follow what's happening on OTAs and Metasearch (TripAdvisor, Zoover, Booking etc...) for your profile and that of your competitors.