How To Optimize The URL Structure Of A Hotel?

As far as SEO efforts are concerned, most of the work you hear about concerns keyword management and content. That makes a lot of sense. The advent of SEO-friendly content has changed the way websites are built, and any SEO strategy will not work without serious reflection on the choice of keywords.

However, this is not the only place where SEO comes into play for your hotel. One of the most fundamental elements of your site, the URL, is also a key element in your SEO success (or failure).

Here is an overview of the practices you should put in place for a URL that plays a role in your SEO efforts.

As a general rule, you should make sure that your URL respects these two basic principles:

The URL must give a clear indicator

It's not just about the users, it's about Google. It's hard to get a ranking if your URL suggests one thing and your keywords in the content say another.

The URL must fit well into the structure of the site.

This sort of goes back to part 1, but having a clear plan for the structure of your URL makes it easier for people to navigate your site like a breadcrumb trail. For example, if you haveégorie, people can use a link to the subcategory, and then remove that part of the URL to see other options.

URL length

As far as SEO content is concerned, there was a time when the tendency was to try to stuff keywords as many times as possible. However, times have changed and Google has modified its algorithm to specifically discourage such tactics.

As far as your URLs are concerned, you want to keep them simple too, but in this case it is more about the user experience. Having a very long URL can make the subject of your page clear, but it also makes it difficult for customers to copy or share it on social media. In addition, it can create a certain amount of mistrust.

Even if your content or page is good enough that the person is willing to share it, they will often use a link shortcut instead. Even if you get a backlink, which is good, you will lose the brand recognition you might have had with a visible and accessible link.