How To Write A Correct Response To A Customer Notice For A Hotel?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when responding to positive criticism for maximum impact:

Thank the person who publishes a notice

First of all, make sure you always thank the Internet user so that he or she knows that his or her gesture has not gone unnoticed. After all, they don't need to publish feedback!

Answer quickly

Reviews are often left immediately after a specific purchase, visit or experience. Time is of the essence for you and to show your customer that you care, don't let a positive review go by for months before responding.

Be brief

Nobody likes to read long answers. Do your friendly customers a favour and keep your message short but punchy. If you say too much, the value of your words may decrease, short and simple answers win every time.

Personalize your answer

Don't act like a robot, nobody likes generic answers! Although they may be easy to type, they don't look authentic to the user.

Share the positive balance sheet

Finally, if you ask people to interact with your page, you should also share! Share good comments on your social networks - people following you may be prompted to take a greater interest in your services or products. You can also add some of the testimonials to your website, so that visitors know what to expect.