What Ad Format Should I Use To Promote My Hotel?

Always think of the customer's booking route as a funnel.

At the beginning, he looks for very broad information about a destination or local activities for example, he will slowly narrow his search until he compares different establishments that interest him.

It is therefore important to adapt the content and tone of the advertising message to interest the prospect at the right time.

The Facebook for Business platform allows you to deliver your sponsored content in different formats to suit different travelers' goals.

  • Chercher des idées de voyages : Vidéo verticale < 15 s, Image unique, Collection
  • Plan (with or without destination in mind): Single Image, Musical Ride, Collection
  • Plan and book a flight (with a destination in mind): Musical Ride, Collection
  • Réserver une chambre à partir d’une vente/promotion : Carrousel, Collection, Vidéo verticale < 15 s
  • Installer l’application d’un hôtel : Vidéo verticale < 15 s

Here are some examples given by Facebook, but there is no perfect ad format, nor is there a rule to be sure which format to use.

It is always advisable to carry out a few test campaigns in order to be able to analyse the advertising results and readjust if necessary.