What Are The Levers To Improve The E-Reputation Of Your Hotel?

Improving one's e-reputation translates into a complete and controlled online presence.

To keep or acquire a good image online and be visible, you can implement certain actions.

Fill in the information of his establishment

Probably the first thing to do is to fill in your hotel's information on all the sites where the guest will be looking for information. Creating establishment records and keeping the information up to date will allow for a better customer experience and improve your natural SEO.

Respond to notices on all channels

According to a study carried out by Trustyou, 95% of people look at customer reviews before booking their stay. It is necessary to provide personalised answers to each review, whether they are published on social networks, metasearchs or OTAs.

Be responsive!

Prompt responses to guest comments and opinions promote commitment to your establishment and encourage other guests to express themselves about their stay.

Encouraging guests to express themselves during their stay

Bad reviews are the bête noire of a hotelier's e-reputation. In order to provide a solution to the Internet user before he or she makes his or her opinion known on social networks. Satisfaction surveys, chatbots or dematerialized private concierge services will bring answers and solutions to your clientele and reduce the percentage of negative opinions of your online presence.

Ask for an opinion by email after your stay

Don't hesitate to encourage customers to post a review online, because as a general rule, a dissatisfied customer expresses himself more naturally than a happy customer. It is therefore important to have a high number of reviews of any kind!