What Does Saas, On Demand And ASP Mean For A Hotel CRM?

When you wish to integrate a new hotel CRM into your technological suite you will be confronted with a large choice of software with its own specificities. Here is some information that will help you identify their differences and make your choice.

What is SaaS?

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a term that means software as a service. It is a business model that implies that you do not need to buy your own hardware. You get all the software you need via the internet by paying for it to a provider. The supplier, in turn, guarantees the complete maintenance and updating of the software.

What is the ASP model?

ASP (Application Service Provider) is a term that refers to application service providers. It is a business model that involves the provision of IT services that provide access to applications via the Internet or a private network.

The main difference between SaaS and ASP software is that ASP is limited to the provision of applications in hosted mode, whereas SaaS refers to software that includes tools and customizations to meet specific customer needs.

What is the On Demand model?

The term "on-demand CRM" refers to offering a customer relationship management solution in the cloud, without the need to deploy, administer and host software on the company's server.

The two main advantages of on-demand CRM are its low cost (some on-demand CRM solutions are available for free) and its speed of deployment. Disadvantages include limited customization options and the inability to host customer data on its own server.