What Is A Community Manager In The Hotel Industry?

Find out what it takes to become a great hospitality community manager, or what you need to know before you hire one for your establishment.

Everyone knows that community managers are responsible for the "social networking aspect".
The role of community manager in hotels is new and constantly evolving, and with the little information available online, it can be very difficult to train for this position and keep up with its evolution.

However, there are some basics that need to be respected. Let us tackle them together, and we will also see what essential role they play in the hotel business.

One of the most essential functions is reputation management.

The main task is to have maximum attention on the different social networks (and also on the rest of the Internet) to monitor what is being said about your institution and respond appropriately. The community manager must work together with the rest of the hotel staff to ensure that problems are resolved quickly, guests are satisfied and the reputation of the hotel is not tarnished.

In fact, the community manager should be a bridge between the different departments of your hotel, including marketing, reservations, public relations, catering, etc., working with them to coordinate the team effort and ensure that any necessary action is taken quickly.

Another key role of the hotel community manager is to take care of your hotel's online presence and social media outreach, including content creation and distribution strategies.

Proactive online engagement is a three-pronged effort where institutions :

  • generate and publish their own content
  • Invite influential travel media and bloggers to stay at the hotel and report back to their audiences.
  • encourage guests to share their photos and experiences on different social media platforms

The last point is by far the most important. The key to online success lies in the fact that your hotel brand is only valuable if it is well perceived by your guests. In addition, it goes without saying that anything a guest publishes online about your hotel will be considered much more credible than if the hotel itself published the same thing.

This means that guests should be the ones who create and share most of the content on your property (which the hotel can then share and promote, of course) and it is the responsibility of the hotel community manager to encourage this practice and make it as easy as possible for guests to do so.