What Is A Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixel is a piece of code (called Javascript) to be used directly on a website or a hotel booking engine.

This Facebook Pixel allows you to track people who visit a website. Thus, we can follow the conversions from the ads made on Instagram or Facebook, called Social Ads.

"Prospect to Buyer"

Knowing this information makes it possible to analyse the impact of advertisements or to carry out remarketing campaigns with personalised audiences: i.e. people who have already visited a site or a booking engine during a given period. Facebook provides this pixel code so that it can be placed on all the pages of the targeted website.

Let's summarize, the Facebook Pixel is:

- A piece of code to be integrated on each page of the website or booking engine of your establishment
- A traffic analysis tool
- A tool for tracking objectives (KPI - visits, conversions...)
- A valuable tool for remarketing

The other advantage of Pixel is the optimization it allows from Facebook. To maximize ROI (Return on Investment), it is possible to set a conversion target. The Facebook algorithm will use the Pixel to know the type of Internet users who buy the most on a given website and thus better target the Social Ads campaigns.

Without this Pixel, Facebook, or even the advertiser, will not really know what happens after a Facebook or Instagram user has seen an ad.
Pixel is therefore a valuable tool for sales optimization and ad tracking (Social Ads).