What Is A Reactive Or "Responsive" Hotel Website?

Responsive web design has become a must nowadays. It is the best way to create or rebuild your hotel's website in the future and it is the key to stay ahead of your competitors.

The world of web design is changing rapidly, adapting to current technology. Reactive or responsive websites that automatically resize themselves according to the device you are browsing on are becoming the smartest solution, rather than having a separate mobile website.

Google appreciates responsive websites for the speed at which pages load on smartphones.

What is a reactive site?

Responsive or reactive website design is a way to create websites that provide an optimal visual experience on all devices such as mobile phones, tablets and desktops.

This means that the website automatically resizes itself according to the device from which the user consults it, without losing the quality of the content and maintaining a fluid navigation and user experience.

The growth in sales of smartphones and mobile devices is leading to an impressive increase in the number of users accessing hotel websites with these devices. It is therefore essential that your hotel website is responsive.

The advantages of a reactive or responsive web design

A consistent user experience across all devices will have a positive impact on your conversion rates because your mobile site will be easy to read and browse. You risk losing your users if your website is too difficult to read via mobile, or if it takes too long to load.