What Is Cost Per Click?

The cost per click is the amount that is charged when a person clicks on an ad developed via Google Ads. The hotel therefore pays in proportion to the number of visitors to the ad.

The cost per click is based on the actual cost per click, referred to as "actual CPC". This is the amount charged for each click on an ad.

In addition, the average cost per click will often be different (lower) than the maximum cost per click, called CPC max. The maximum cost per click is the maximum amount the advertiser is willing to pay for a click.

This maximum amount defines the bids against other hotels. A higher bid will favour a spread in a better position. If the ceiling is exceeded, then the ad will be removed.

Be careful however, for Google Hotel Ads (Ad that promotes the visibility of a hotel and the reservation), the average CPC can be higher than the CPC max: the CPC max is multiplied by the number of nights booked.