What Is The Best Format To Integrate Photos On My Hotel's Website?

You want to publish photos of your rooms or hotel on your website? There are several image formats available, each with its own specificities:


This format is very useful for photos, it has been designed to reduce the size of an image while maintaining an optimal level of quality. Images/photos saved as .jpg or .jpeg can contain up to 16 million colors. The time to open/load a photo will always be shorter with this format.


It is suitable for all visual representations that are not photos because it has two main advantages; it does not alter the quality of the image and it makes part of the image transparent. This format exists in two versions : 8 bits PNG (256 colors) and 24 bits PNG (16 million colors).


The GIF is limited to 256 colours. Previously, it was a very common format, but with the appearance of other more optimized formats, it is less and less used. Its primary vocation is now to integrate animated images on the Internet.