What Kind Of Content Should I Publish On Social Networks?

A hotel must nowadays be on social networks (Instagram, Facebook...). But one question often comes up: what content should be published?

A hotel must rely on its website to provide its guests with accurate information and its social network accounts must encourage the act of purchasing. This is the period of dreams and choices that will be guided by Facebook pages and especially Instagram.

This is why networks must be real catalogues. It is through them that you will inspire your next customer.

The information is thin, simple suppositions with photos, descriptions (not always read, especially on Instagram) and stories that can underline the news. But the concrete goal is to make the guest envious, showing the hotel in its best light.

Thus, photos will be published, quite regularly, with a commentary, hashtags... These photos must be coherent, because they will form a wall that will reflect the image of the establishment.

It will be possible to alternate publications with videos (published either in IGTV on Instagram or preferably also on the wall). Videos are more lively and attractive if the duration is kept to a minimum.

For news, contests, or important information. It is recommended to create dedicated stories. They will be broadcasted 24 hours, or even all the time, by putting them in "headline" categories. Be careful not to overuse these headline stories so that they are clearly visible. On Facebook, the classic publication can be adopted for this kind of news.

As for the page header, it will be the first link to the visitor of an Instagram page. You have to be brief, very clear. It is suggested to put the directional link to the direct booking site, the approximate location, the philosophy of the establishment, and if so, the mention of temporary closure of the hotel.

All of these publications will have a greater impact on Instagram. Facebook can be used to publish your photos or videos. Stories are rarely viewed on the historical social network.

Thus, content published on social networks must be able to create envy and desire in just a few seconds.