What Questions Can A Hotel Chatbot Answer?

You're probably wondering what questions a chatbot can answer? This will depend on its technology and therefore its price, but as a general rule a hotel chatbot can answer the following questions:

Before the stay:

  • Do you have a spa? What are its hours?
  • Do you have family rooms?
  • Is the Wi-Fi free? Do you have fiber optics?

After the reservation:

  • How do I get to the hotel from the train station?
  • Can I invite friends to the hotel pool?
  • Are pool and bath towels available?

During the stay:

  • What time does the daycare open?
  • What's the restaurant menu today?
  • Can you recommend a nice bar near the hotel?

After the stay:

  • I left a personal item in a room, how can I get it back?
  • I had a billing problem, what can I do?

All these questions are rather common for customers, providing a quick answer to them helps to streamline the purchasing process, centralizes and facilitates access to information and allows the customer to have a more pleasant stay.