What Tools Can I Use To Track The Performance Of My Hotel's Email Campaign?

Why is performance analysis of your emailing important? As with any means of communication, it is essential to understand and measure the impact of your campaigns in comparison to your investments. In order to optimise your choice of communication channels and improve your strategies, let's take a look at email analysis tools.

Email tracking and analysis

At first glance these two concepts seem similar, but in fact, they collect different measures and have different purposes.
Email tracking tools such as Mailtrack, Docsify or the more advanced Bananatag platform, inform you when your email is opened, whether the recipient has clicked on the link in your message, downloaded an attachment, etc.

Source: Google Chrome

There is another type of tool: Email analysis tools, such as EmailAnalytics and Email Meter. They are designed to analyze the usage of your Gmail account. It provides you with statistics on sent and received emails, overall email traffic, email categories, etc.
You can also track some statistics through GA(Google Analytics), many email sending platforms (e.g. Mailchimp) allow direct integration with GA.
Thanks to GA, you can track users who came to your website as a result of your email campaigns and monitor their behavior, but it is not an email marketing analysis tool. You will not be able to track: the sending of an email, the open rate or the unsubscribe rate.

For mailing professionals, there are complete email management platforms such as 250ok or Emailonacid that will provide you with the full range of features and integrations