Which Social Networks Should I Choose For My Hotel?

Social networks are crucial in your community management strategy.
They reflect the image of your brand while informing the customer about your news and promotions. You need to be clear in your messages and make people dream with your publications.


The number one social network is still Facebook. While this network is very popular and reaches almost all age groups, the average time spent daily on this network is steadily decreasing (38 minutes in 2018). However, it remains an important research tool for travellers wishing to find out about a hotel. It is therefore appropriate to provide specific information, in connection with events for example, or permanent factual information (rooms, restaurant, etc.).


It is the ideal social network for community management. This very visual social network reaches a relatively young and particularly active age group. Indeed, 6 out of 10 users open the application daily, and over the years, users spend more and more time on it. Instagram is above all a platform for discovery, especially thanks to influencers. An attractive publication will catch the user's eye as he scrolls by. He will then be able to observe a dozen publications with one click and get a global picture of your hotel. In addition, this social network has a very popular storytelling system, ideally focusing on events and news.

Instagram and Facebook are essential social networks, which are the basis of community management and allow you to create a real relationship with your customers or potential customers.


This third social network is also important in your community management strategy for professional purposes. It is thus possible to extend the influence of the hotel to a professional environment. This can have an impact on the brand image in the hotel sector and promote the BtoB sales of your establishment.

Other social networks exist:Managing social networks is a time-consuming task and must be consistent. Spreading yourself over too many tools can be a risk. There is certainly Pinterest, which is very visual and Twitter, which is more in line with the news of your hotel. However, these two other networks remain less used and are, like TikTok, less relevant for a hotel.