Who Are The Players In A Hotel's E-Reputation?

The e-reputation of a hotel can be monitored, or undergone. It is the result of all the information about the hotel present online, visible to everyone. And the information, everyone publishes it, not just the company!

So who's responsible for a hotel's good or bad reputation?

The hotel

This list obviously includes the messages published by the company. Anything that comes out of the communication, such as announcements, messages on social networks, press releases.

Members of the company

The company's stakeholders are also the driving force behind its reputation, the employees, the franchisees and, above all, the management.

Internet users

Your consumers, customers or prospects can have a huge impact on your reputation, for good or ill.
By leaving their opinion on consumer opinion platforms or simply by expressing themselves on social media, they can either convince their network to buy your products or, on the contrary, walk away from them.

Your competitors

They can also have an impact on your reputation.
If your competitors are facing a crisis, and they mismanage it, it can quickly affect you.
Example: A hotel mismanages your personal data, a scandal breaks out. It is the entire hospitality industry in your geographical area that can potentially suffer the fallout.

The media

Everything that is said about you in the print or online media, on television, on the radio, has an impact on your image.


If the opinion of an Internet user can have an impact on your reputation, the opinion of an influential person can destroy or restore it, in a message.
The proximity of these influencers to their audience can also lead to very positive results, thanks to the public's trust in the recommendations of these influencers. It is not for nothing that many brands today pay influencers to talk about their products in order to produce more authentic communication that is better perceived by their targets.

Search engines

we have Google and other search engines. It is very important to pay attention to the results and suggestions that Google offers when people search for your brand. If a page with negative elements comes back to the first page, it can quickly divert the attention of people who wanted to visit your site.